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The Neighborhood Partnership Committee of The University of Alabama is a group of students, community leaders, city officials, University police officers, city police, ABC Board and University administration with a common goal of improving the relationship between students, law enforcement and off-campus neighbors. The group is committed to improving communication between neighbors, students and law enforcement as well as taking many proactive measures for the neighborhoods.


Please contact us at if we can be of assistance to you.

Off-Campus Housing

Being a Good Neighbor: Living in an off-campus community

Whether you're living alone, or residing with parents, partners, children, or other students, off-campus living options off the wonderful opportunity of living in diverse environments. Wherever you live, at least one reality exists – living with neighbors. “Neighbors” can be those living in the same household with you – parents, fellow housemates (both friends and acquaintances), partners, siblings, children, -- or literally the family next-door or fellow students down the street.

The conditions of your home and your lifestyle impact the neighborhood and those who live around you. Here are a few suggestions for being a good neighbor.

Know Your Neighbors:

•  Relationship building techniques:

  1. Show interest in your neighbor and housemates – meet them and learn their names. Get involved with your neighborhood . You'll find that your neighbors have diverse backgrounds, careers, and experiences.

•  Investing in your household and community

  1. Keep your apartment, home, and property clean
  2. Keep parked cars to a minimum
  3. Watch your noise levels
  4. Take care of pets
  5. Take responsibility for your guests

  Be Considerate

•  Your schedule and that of your housemates and neighbors may differ considerably. The make-up of your household and community may vary from students, to parents with young children who require early bedtime hours, to those who work full time.

•  Be aware of community issues such as noise, parking, resident zoning laws, trash and property upkeep, and alcohol usage.

Off Campus Living


The Off Campus Association (OCA) is a non-profit organization that helps students, staff and faculty members of The University of Alabama with many aspects of living off campus.

Members of OCA are eligible for complete deposit coverage at: Alabama Power Company, Alabama Gas Corporation, BellSouth, Tuscaloosa Water, and Northport Water.

OCA allows you to conveniently take care of all necessary utilities with one stop by our office! Upon Joining OCA, the utilities of your need for service are notified – eliminating the need for you to have to contact each company!

OCA also offers free legal consultations for all members in good standing when a problem arises related to living off campus.

****Many students who live off campus join OCA to help save money on connection fees for utilities and for the convenience. If you chose not to join OCA and prefer to handle utilities on your own, the information below may be helpful in that regard****

Alabama Power

205 349-2600

To turn on your electricity service, you can either call or submit your application at Alabama Power Company, 915 Queen City Avenue . You must pay $3 for power set up and $100.00 refundable deposit, which will be included in your first power bill.


Tuscaloosa Department 205 349-0230

Northport Department 205 339-7024

The water department for Tuscaloosa is located in City Hall, 2201 University Blvd. The water department for Northport is located in Northport City Hall , 3500 Highway 82 Bypass. In order to have water turned on; a minimum of approximately $30.00 to $50.00 must be paid at the respective City Hall. You will need a copy of your lease.


205 349-6012

Alabama Gas Corporation is located at 1824 University Blvd. A minimum deposit is required. The deposit is determined by one of two ways (using the lesser amount as the deposit) 1) $100.00 or 2) an estimated 2 months billing from the two highest previous 12 billings.

Telephone 888-757-6500

To acquire telephone service, contact Bell South. You have to pay $40.00 connection fee, which might be a one-time charge on your first bill or could be billed along with your monthly telephone bill for the first four months. In addition, a minimum deposit of $75.00 is required. If you have a previous satisfactory credit record with Bell South, the deposit may be waived.

U.S. Post Offices

  •  Ferguson Center (on campus)

If you move frequently from apartment to apartment, it is advisable to maintain a mail box in the post office at the Ferguson Center . The rent is $20.00 for a 6-month period and $40.00 for a 12-month period. The deposit is one dollar for the key only.

•  Tuscaloosa Main Post Office (Downtown)

Address: 1313 22 nd Avenue Tuscaloosa , AL 35401

Telephone Number: 344-6000

UA Parking Services

If you own a vehicle, you surely need a parking permit for campus use. The office is located at the Student Services Center (103 Ferguson ) where you can get an information leaflet about the parking and traffic regulations on campus. As a commuter student, it is imperative you park in your correct zones. Illegal parking fines do accumulate. Therefore, for your own benefit, please study the booklet carefully. The prices for decals are as follows

•  3-month visitor permit $12.00

•  12-month student permit: $60.00 ( August 15, 2003 to August 15, 2004 )

UA Parking Services Department

103 Ferguson

Office Hours: 8:00am to 4:45pm (Monday to Friday)

Telephone Number: 205 348-5471

Usually, the parking permit can be purchased through the telephone registration system. However, new students will need to buy their own permit in person during orientation or when they first come to school.

Other Useful Numbers

Tuscaloosa Police Department 205 349-2121

BellSouth 24-hour customer service 205 557-7777

Comcast Cable Company 205 345-0424

Ferguson Center

•  Information Desk 205 348-6063

•  Supply Store 205 348-6168

DCH Hospital (at University Blvd. ) 205 759-7111

DCH Hospital (at Northport) 205 333-4500

Free Maps and Apartment Guides

Maps of Tuscaloosa , the University of Alabama , and the Tuscaloosa Apartment and Condominium Guide are available “free” in Room 151 of Rose Administration Building.

Tips to signing a lease:

READ THE ENTIRE LEASE! A lease is a BINDING, LEGAL CONTRACT. If you have any questions about the lease or do not understand, ask the landlord so he/she can clear the issue up and you can be fully informed.

•  Don't be pressured into signing the lease or any other documents.

•  Negotiate any changes in the lease and have the landlord initial these changes.

•  Keep a copy of the lease.

•  Look to see when the first payment is due and how much it is. Usually a security deposit is due when you sign the lease and most of the time this deposit is the same amount as one month's rent.

•  Pay attention to when the lease officially begins and ends. For example, one should note the day and times a student is allowed to move in and out of the apartments.

•  Most importantly, take note of fines given in the case that a student does not abide by the rules set in the lease. Since each lease in Tuscaloosa is different, the fines will vary. Many leases include the warning of fines for leaving garbage and trash in an inappropriate place, failing to cooperate with moving times and dates, having a pet in an unauthorized place, late payments and returned checks, etc. Taking time to read your lease thoroughly may save you a lot of trouble and money.

•  Check to see how your landlord deals with lease renewals.

•  Remember that just because you may be renting a house or apartment with another person or persons, you are all individually as well as jointly liable for all the obligations of the lease, including paying the rent. If one or more of you has trouble getting the money for rent on time, you will be held responsible to either pay the rent on time or incur a fine.

•  Make sure the lease verifies where you can and cannot park at your residence. Many times, landlords may charge a fine for parking illegally, while others may have your car towed in addition to a fine. Remember that the parking rules apply to guests as well.

•  After you move in, file all receipts, notices, changes, repair requests, and landlord correspondence. Put disagreements between you and the landlord in writing.

•  Once you have signed a lease, you are responsible to comply with all of the obligations of the lease. You will also be held responsible for all of your guests and their actions. Take time to read the entire lease so you will be more informed of these responsibilities.